Kenetic Growth 360

The Kenetic Growth 360 Advisors is an innovative and energetic talent pool of experienced fiscally minded and economic development professionals devoted to facilitating current and future sustainable growth of tax-base revenues, jobs and increased economic opportunities for all residents of the locality. The primary purpose is centered on devising strategic ways and means to jurisdictions to meet the ever-increasing high performance requirements of ever-increasing urban and regional population growth and energy and technology–based demands for local competitiveness in the 21st century technology-driven global marketplace.

The Group uses growth-oriented inclusive, collaborative and strategic tools, techniques, technologies, processes, practices and projects to leverage and maximize the highest fiscal and economic returns on local economic development and human capital investments. The methodology can be designed to be comprehensive, multi-dimensional, interdisciplinary, and intercollegiate or use of a single focus on specific issues, challenges or solution-driven trouble-shooting or problem-solving. Key to the Kenetic ED21 inclusive and sustainable economic development growth process are the transformative aspects of public and private policies, programs, processes, regulations, budgets and development projects.

The Kenetic ED21 Group borrows from the age-old principles of kinetic energy in motion, potential energy, pent-up energy and energy required to move an object associated with physics with the energy required to achieve high performance 21st century inclusive and sustainable fiscal and economic development urban and regional growth. It focuses on tapping into and unleashing the power contained in pent-up, stored, undiscovered sustainable economic development growth potentials and opportunities to facilitate increased sustainable fiscal and economic development growth both horizontally and vertically. The cumulative effects are to energize and propel fiscal and economic development growth productivity to a much higher 21st century levels than simply maintain 20th century norms and practices. Focus on emerging trends, opportunities, challenges and solutions.

Economic Growth Convergence and Integration Strategies within a Geopolitical Context:

             GLOBALIZATION

             LOCALIZATION


             URBANIZATION

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