Kensley Enterprises is pleased to make available for your reading pleasure its new informative, enlightening, and educational three (3) book capacity-building urbanregional collection.

The  content and context of this MUST-READ three (3) books in the series are based on over 40 years of information-based, knowledge-based and experiential-based capacity-building in the practice of fiscally-responsible urban economic development in cities and regions throughout America.

As cities and urbanregions are increasingly becoming the place of choice for many major tech-based corporations and tech-intensive businesses, growing numbers of high-skilled, tech-savvy members and potential members of the labor force are following their lead for employment. The demographic trends are currently heavy with millennials, to which generations x, y, and z are expected to follow at least over the next decade and into the indefinite future.

Consequently, as cities and urbanregions begin welcoming this increasing growth in technology-driven business activity, population and workers, so will the demands on public infrastructure and essential public human, social and quality of life services.

The associated growth in demand will require growth in fiscal revenue capacity to pay for them even with the current strain of recurring annual revenue growth lagging behind annual expenditures in many instances.

These fiscal challenges become even more severe for those cities and urbanregions still struggling to recover from the great recession of 2007, and now facing the prospects of another recession within the foreseeable future.

Kensley Enterprises is acutely aware that cities and urbanregional competing in the 21st century technology-driven global economy cannot win future fiscal and economic development growth battles relying solely on old, and in many cases, obsolete technologies, techniques, tools, strategies and practices used in the 20th century manufacturing-based economy.


Kensley Enterprises prides itself on understanding emerging trends, opportunities, challenges and problem-solving in relationship to current and NEXT GENERATION FISCAL AND ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT (FED) GROWTH.  It engages in a shared-relationship with its customers about the important related and interrelated factors, elements, influences and dynamics within the context of cities and the urbanregional built environment in two distinct customer-friendly ways.

  1. Our direct management and technical assistance services are provided through various consulting options which focus on direct hands-on service delivery to our client base in a customer-friendly problem-solving manner; and
  2. Our information sharing is undertaken primarily through published products made available to our customers on a demand basis.

Currently, Kensley Enterprises is presenting its urbanregional book collection in the form of three different books written in three different formats at three different levels of details for the benefit of forward-thinking thought leaders (including professionals, academics and students) particularly in public policymaking, fiscal management, business management, economic development and urbanregional planning. The title for each book is the sameā€¦


  Y2020 and BEYOND:

  • THE PRIMER is a quick-read point of reference document which is succinctly and telegraphically written with emphasis on key fundamental aspects of the technological and demographic growth dynamics and influences on next generation fiscal and economic development growth. The information is presented in a thought-provoking manner designed to trigger next generation fiscal and economic development growth. It places heavy emphasis on growth-enabling public policymaking and prioritization within the local decision-making process.  THE PRIMER is an introductory or executive summary – type document which telegraphically scans and reflects a much more detailed and voluminous textbook version of the same subject. Price: $34.95
  • THE VISUAL ILLUSTRATOR converts key text messages from the two previous descriptive document narratives into visual concept-mapping problem-solving tactics, strategies and applied practical exercises. The visioneering exercises are geared toward stimulating forward thinking about the state-of-the-art associated with next generation fiscal and economic development growth policies, processes, programs, practices and project initiatives. Price: $42.50
  • $48.75

Note: A chapter in each book is devoted to a discussion on Recessions and Urbanregional Fiscal and Economic Development Growth Opportunities.

Authored By: Kenneth Dobson