Service Delivery Categories:

  • Professional Advisory Field Visits
  • Professional Extended Consulting Engagements
  • Leadership Training, Education and Capacity-Building
  • Coaching
  • Webinars and Seminars
  • Speaking Engagements
  • Lectures
  • Workshops

Functional Services Range: (Public, Private, Quasi-Public, Educational Institutions, Non-Profit and Community-Based Institutions)

  • Comprehensive Growth Policy Reviews and Assessments
  • Fiscal and Economic Development Growth Resiliency Analyses and Planning
  • Fiscal Revenue/Economic Impact Assessments
  • Development-Related Departmental and Program Reviews
  • Lost and Found Fiscal and Economic Development Growth Opportunities
  • Reconciliation of Redevelopment and Gentrification Issues
  • Neighborhood Revitalization and Tax-Base Growth
  • Equity and Disparities Reconciliation in Fiscal and Economic Development Growth
  • Inclusion, Diversity, Fiscal and Economic Development Growth
  • New Fiscal and Economic Development Growth Impact and Performance Measures.

CAPACITY-BUILDING CONSULTING ADVISORY SERVICES: NEXTGEN FISCAL TAX-BASE REVENUE AND ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT (FED) GROWTH: Policy, Program and Policy Reviews; Policy, Program and Process Assessments; Strategic Policy, Program, Process and Planning & Consensus-Building Systems Recommendations.

  • Municipal Fiscal Tax-Base Revenue Growth
  • Local Economic Development Revenue-Generated Growth
  • Commercial Real Estate Development Support
  • Business & Entrepreneurial Development Support
  • Local Neighborhood Tax-Base Revenue Growth
  • Local Tech-Driven Innovation-Application Captured Growth
  • Targeted Under-Performing Redevelopment Area Growth
  • Local Business Development – Community Engagement
  • Educational Institution (Internal & External) FED Growth
  • Business, Economic Diversity and Inclusion Growth
  • Local P3 and Public-Private Development Financing Sourcing
  • Local Public Benefit – Community Benefit Agreements & Enforcement


  • Team-Driven Multiple Week Dynamic Interaction Consulting Engagements
  • Team-Driven Week 10-Day Dynamic Interaction Consulting Engagements
  • Team-Driven Dynamic Interaction Seminars and Webinars
  • Single-Individual Lead 2-3 Day Dynamic Interaction Workshops
  • Single-Individual Lead Customized Individual Coaching Sessions

Other Services:

  • Speaker
  • Book Signing
  • Kenneth Dobson Consulting