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2020 IEDC Virtual Conference Speaker Announcement

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Kenneth Dobson 2020 IEDC Pre-Conference Talk

Kenetic Growth 360

“Think of that which is not as if it already were.”
Kensley has the energies and ingenuity capable of driving problem-solving solutions for today’s and next generation fiscal and economic development tax-base growth in urbanregional communities. For more details, click here
Kensley Principal Advisor: Information-Based-Knowledge-Based-Experienced-Based
Video recorded prior to retirement from Fulton County Economic Development

Next Gen ED Growth 360

“The old is the new contained…The new is the old explained.” Kensley believes that the best way to predict the fiscal and economic development growth of urbanregional communities is to have a hand in helping to build it. For more details, click here.

ReUrbanization 360

Putting the pieces together. “The old is the new concealed…The new is the old revealed.” Kensley is committed to tax base growth which recycle and rebuild businesses, buildings, neighborhoods, and urbanregional economies. For more details, click here.

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