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IEDC Virtual Conference Speaker Announcements

The IEDC has announced that Kenneth Dobson will be a speaker during its June 7+8 VIP Virtual Future Forum in Spokane, Washington. Mr. Dobson will speak on the subject of CLIMATE CHANGE, EQUITY, SUSTAINABILITY, AND ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT for cities within the urbanregional built environment. 

Mr. Dobson’s message will drill down deeply into proactive strategic ways, means, and methods for cities and urban regions to mitigate against the negative effects of global warming and climate change. This is the focus of President Biden’s recent Executive Order on Tackling The Climate Crisis at Home and Abroad. The innovative approach advanced by Mr. Dobson is Sustainable Community Economic Development Growth for all in cities and the urbanregional communities. This pioneering approach is achieved through the strategic conversion and integration of sources of clean renewable energy and energy efficiency, Cleantech-Greentech, and urban economic development concepts, principles, and practices, etc. The main focus is centered on the “greening” of buildings, businesses, jobs, and human/consumer decision-making.
This important engagement will allow him to introduce, market, and promote a new book in the process of being published on the same subject which is to be available for purchase within the next 45-90 days.

His speech will also become available for viewing at within 7-10 days following the event.

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Kenneth Dobson 2020 IEDC Pre-Conference Talk

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